Supported Hiking Adventures

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Exp Level: Any level 

Our supported hiking adventures allow you to forget about the headache of finding accomodation. We will set you up in a beautiful location and provide all of the things that you require. Tents, extra covering, sleeping bags, rugs, mats, stretcher beds, we will set up camp  – ready for you as soon as your day of adventure with us concludes.

Wake up to the sound of birds, as kangaroos hop happily by…..


  • Absolute wilderness
  • Peace and solitude
  • Rugged mountains
  • Remote camping
  • Large Tents
  • Campfire seating, stretcher beds, etc

What to Bring

  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • Drinking water
  • Camera, hat & sunscreen
  • Sense of adventure


This option is available for any of our tours.

Meeting Time

This is to be discussed during our consultation with you. Times can be totally flexible.

 More Information

Let us set up camp for you and make it as comfortable as possible. Once we have established what you are looking for it costs us [and you] no extra to add lavish touches to your campsite.





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