Grand Canyon – Grose Valley Loop





Minimum 2 people required

Exp Level: Intermediate. Rough track in places. Some steps. Ages 15+


  • $325 per person [2 people]
  • $250 per person [3-4 people]
  • $200 per person [5+ people]

A stunning walk taking you through a variety of eco-systems, the Grand Canyon-Grose Valley Loop has spectacular valley views, creek crossings, some decent descent and ascents to tackle, temperate rainforest sections and numerous waterfalls!

We begin this hike walking across the cliff tops looking out over the awe inspiring Grose Valley. Travelling back in time as we descend into the ancient Grand Canyon, carved out through the ages, we find ourselves deep inside the earth as the canyon walls surround us. Fern Trees, moss, fresh water crayfish, and the lush climate make this a truly beautiful place to walk.

Following the cool running water as it spills over the remote Beauchamp Falls our path leads us further back in time as we descend Rodrigues Pass into the Grose Valley. There we will have a private lunch at Junction Rock.

Creeks, waterholes, waterfalls and the temperate climate of the coachwood forests line our path out. We then begin our ascent up Govetts leap – past Bridal Veil Falls and back to our starting point.

A truly sensational loop walk for the moderately fit and opportunities to swim if you choose.



  • The Grand Canyon
  • Gross Valley
  • Hidden trails
  • Rainforest pockets
  • Cliffs and caves
  • Wilderness views

What to Bring

  • Sturdy good quality hiking shoes
  • Drinking water
  • Camera, hat & sunscreen
  • Sense of adventure


Advance bookings required.
minimum 2 to make a booking

Meeting Time

8 hours duration

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