Hiking Blue Mountains

Tour Description

Blue Mountains Guides' goal is to have you fully immersed in the heart of the Blue Mountains Wilderness. Multi-day hiking creates the time and space to clear the mind, relax, forget about time and take it all in. A multi-day hike allows you to become one with the surroundings. There are many remote trails for the moderately fit - and others that will test even the fittest of trekkers! The Six Foot Track and Jamison Valley Traverse are listed here, but there many more to choose from - including treks designed specifically by Blue Mountains Guides. For your comfort, we also provide luxury supported camping options with most of our tours and adventures.

Six Foot Track

3-DAY HIKE. This iconic trail follows the route of the original 1884 Bridal Track. It is a classic Blue Mountains long distance track covering a distance of 45km and travelling through a vast array of ecosystems.

Jamison Valley Traverse

3-DAY HIKE. On this three day hike from the Katoomba rim to Wentworth Falls cliff rim, you will trek through the southern elevations of the Jamison Valley. This expedition has you climbing onto Mount Solitary south of Katoomba in the Blue Mountains, then descending through a lovely open forest to the peaceful Kedumba River, relaxing and camping in two totally diverse locations.

Supported Hiking Adventures

Allow us to set up camp in a remote location ready for you to enjoy after you day of adventure with us. We can make the camp setting as comfortable as you like - with large tents, stretcher beds and many more creature comforts.

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