Blue Mountains Camping

Tour Description

Escape the crowds, camp among Kangaroos and wake to the sight of the sun rising over nearby cliffs. Breathtaking views, clean crisp air and solitude. Blue Mountains camping provides all of these things and much more.... We Have numerous 2 day, 3 day and 4 day available to choose from, however the three most commonly requested overnight hikes we offer are listed below. The Secret Hike, where we guarantee wildlife sightings, and are the only licensed operator for this extraordinary walk. The Jamison Valley provides extraordinary views from atop Mount Solitary, once you ascend Korowall Knife Edge. This walk can be extended into a multi day trek - Covering the entire Jamison Valley experience. The Blue Gum Forest hike descends into the Blue Gum Forest, one of the most historically famous locations in the Blue Mountains.

On all overnight hikes, the fee includes all equipment, meals, transfers and guide. All prices are per person.
PLEASE NOTE We pride ourselves on providing a private and personalised experience. We do not add you to an existing group, nor do we add any extra people into your tour. It is yours to create and enjoy with your loved ones.
For exclusivity, our overnight hikes require a minimum of 3 people.

Blue Mountains Camping - Secret Hike

If you are wanting an overnight hike with few or no other tourists, plenty of wildlife, unbelievable scenery, true wilderness hiking, then come on this walk with us. This is absolutely the best two day hike in the Blue Mountains.

Blue Mountains Camping - Jamison Valley

This is a physically challenging - but absolutely rewarding hike. with arguably the best views in the Mountains. Camp overnight, in the heart of the Jamison Valley wilderness.

Blue Mountains Camping - Blue Gum Forest

Hike into the birthplace of Blue Mountains conservation, home of the famous and majestic Blue Gum forest. Enjoy panoramic views across the World Heritage listed wilderness. Cool your heels in a mountain stream.

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