Day tour with half day walk

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Tour Description

Imagine a day in the Blue Mountains where you get to experience a guided half day walk, followed by another half a day being driven to all of the best sites and locations! You get to choose your adventure. Blue Mountains Guides offers the three half day hikes listed below - but we have several others up our sleeve as well.
PLEASE NOTE We pride ourselves on providing a personalised experience. When you book a tour with us - it is EXCLUSIVELY yours. We do not add you to an existing group, nor do we add any extra people into your tour. It is yours to create and enjoy with your loved ones.

Grand Canyon Walk - Blackheath

Step back in time as you enter a true canyon created over millions of years. Experience the grandeur of a mighty rainforest that has survived the challenge of time. Sit beside a mountain stream and listen to its quiet murmur, as it tumbles and cascades over boulders and cliffs

Lockleys Pylon

Blue Mountains’ most amazing 360° views, from the roof of the Mountains. This track is a secret gem and considered a mild walk on a flat track. No stairs. Escape today on this rewarding trail and you'll be glad you did. Seasonal wildflowers are simply stunning. The echo's you can call from here are mind blowing!

Blue Mountains National Pass

Hand carved sandstone stairs descend down the cliff face beside the gorgeous flowing water of Wentworth Falls. We follow the stunning trail carved over a century ago. With views from beginning to end, this trail comes full circle after climbing through spectacular Valley of the Waters .