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Blue Mountains Canyoning allows you to create a day (or multiple days) that can be truly out of this world. From a little bit daring to full on adventurous!! Step back in time as you descend into ancient landscapes formed over millions of years. Jurassic style fern lined canyons with towering rock faces on either side. You can choose an easy dry introduction to this adventurous wonderland - or you can choose to put on a wetsuit and abseil into the void.....

Let us know what you are looking for, the types of things you would like to see and do - and we will help create the perfect day for you.

When you book with us you get a full day jam packed with adventure - we don't set time limits. We don't have office hours.

Blue Mountains Canyoning

Step back in time as you descend into ancient landscapes few people ever get to see and experience. Our Adventure Tours are tailor made to suit whatever it is that you would like to see and do.

Blue Mountains Abseiling

Take that overnight camping experience one step further. Safari tents, stretcher beds, portable fireplaces, tables and chairs can turn your simple site into a comfortable weekend away.