Abseiling Blue Mountains

Tour Description

The Blue Mountains is the best location in Australia for spectacular abseiling! Abseiling is an activity that involves descending down a steep surface using ropes. The ropes are secured at a point above the area to be abseiled. Abseiling can be great fun, adventurous and a useful skill to possess when one spends time in the outdoors. Blue Mountains Guides offers fun-filled private group tours allowing you to do as many abseils as your heart desires!!

Exp Level: 15+ moderate fitness.


  • $350 per person [2 people]
  • $275 per person [3-5 people]
  • $250 per person [6+ people]


  • Private, exclusive and personalised
  • Remote locations
  • Cliff face abseiling
  • Roping lessons if requested
  • Great fun

What to bring:

  • Water bottle
  • Rain coats/ jackets
  • Appropriate clothing



Meeting Time


More Information

Our days can be tailored to suit your requirements. We can work slowly and build up to higher, more exposed cliff faces. Our daughter started abseiling at the age of 2 - so please don't think it is too difficult  

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